Buyer FAQ

Not sure about something? That’s OK–everyone has questions! Hopefully we can help answer yours below. If you’re still not satisfied after reading our answers, please contact us.


I’m ready to buy land. How can I complete the purchase?

The land advertised on our website can be purchased by selecting “Add to Cart” and then “Proceed to Checkout.” From there, you will be asked to put in your contact information, and then you will be given the information needed to complete a direct bank transfer. If you prefer to close through a title company, please complete the checkout process and then we will get your information over to the title company.

The post mentions an option to purchase through monthly payments instead of a one-time payment. How does that work?

We provide the option for monthly payments on some of our properties in order to make the land more affordable. Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a property this way.


If I buy a piece of land, how will I get the deed?

We transfer deeds in one of two ways:

1) For less expensive properties, once you’ve completed payment for a property, we will draft a new deed to transfer the property into your name. We will get the deed notarized and mail it to you as soon as possible.

2) For more expensive properties, we recommend closing through a title company. The title company will handle the funds and deed transfer.

What type of deed will I receive?

We try to include the deed type in each property posting. The deed type will vary depending on how we acquired the property, but in general, we typically use a General Warranty Deed or a Special Warranty Deed.

Condition of the Property

How can I determine the condition of the land I’m interested in?

All of our land is sold in “AS-IS” condition, meaning that we are selling the land in whatever condition it currently exists. Thus, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to do their own due diligence prior to purchasing any of our properties.

What does it mean to do my own due diligence?

We ask that all of our Buyers do their own due diligence prior to purchasing any of our land. This means that the Buyer should do sufficient research to ensure they understand and will be satisfied with the product they are purchasing. The level of research necessary depends on the Buyer and the property, and it is solely the Buyer’s responsibility. Examples of methods for researching the property include calling the county, looking up the property on Google Earth, or visiting the property in person.